How Do Ink Cartridges Work?

Ink is used in different types of printers. Most ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers, and they contain the black and colour inks that is sprayed onto the paper during the printer process. Normally in a printer there are two different cartridges, but older inkjet printers sometimes had different cartridges for yellow, blue and red ink.

Today’s modern inkjet printers work to spray ink to the paper from two different cartridges, one that is the colour cartridge, and one that is the black ink cartridge. Each of the two cartridges has one or more reservoirs for ink, and some of the different types of ink cartridges offer small computer chips and electronic foil contacts that talk or communicate with the printer.

Inkjet cartridges tend to be used in inkjet thermal printers. Each little opening in the ink cartridge is a small heading resistor, and when a certain signal is received from the printer a really tiny amount of electricity makes the ink heat up and spray out. This happens in milliseconds, and is the main way that cartridges know when to spray colour or black and white ink onto the paper.

The ink is sprayed out onto the paper from the tiny opening in the print cartridge through a print head nozzle, and it can sometimes clog up. Most major printers offer a cleaning cycle that can allow the printer to clean itself, and open up the nozzle. One of the things in an inkjet printer that happens when the ink is sprayed is it cools the print head, helping to keep it from burning up.

Normally there are two different separate ink cartridges in a modern inkjet printer. One is the colour cartridge that normally has three different areas of ink, yellow, red, and blue. The other printing cartridge is made up of black ink. In some printers they may have a separate print cartridge for each primary colour.

Each different type of inkjet printer company produces ink cartridges for their own printers. Normally most cartridges from one manufacturer company will not fit other printers by other manufactures. They do this intentionally, when you buy a printer they often want you to purchase their products for the lifetime of the printer, and the ink cartridge that you get with the printer sometimes has just a small amount of ink, making you have to purchase a new one soon.

Many companies make after market print cartridges, and these can be either good quality or poor. The good quality ones are just as good as the official OEM cartridges made by the manufacturer. Some ink cartridges are able to be refilled, either by enterprising do it yourselfers at home with a kit, or by the manufacturer.


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